We Connect Colorado’s Undocumented Community to Meaningful Support Services.

The collective vision for UndocuHub program is to inform, assist, and empower the Colorado undocumented community so that they can live healthy, safe lives and thrive in all aspects. All organizations and service providers that collaborate through UndocuHub are fully committed to and experienced in serving undocumented families and individuals. The program envisions a future where relevant and meaningful support services are readily accessible for all who live in the state of Colorado.

Due to the nature of UndocuHub’s work, we like to ensure that each resource we post on our website is active and safe for the community. We would like to invite you to speak with one of the UndocuHub partners for a brief meeting to understand your work and the resources available for the undocumented community. 

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“This is an amazing resource to have. Truly enjoy having this type of space to share my experience and my story!”

Community Connections Night Participant

“This was great! I learned a lot and this information will not only help me, but also the students I support, and family members starting a business.”

Teacher and event participant

“This was amazing. I am hopeful to see more virtual events with more organization to share services.”

Event Participant

“I am glad we were able to participate! Thanks Juan, Gregor and team!"

Event Participant


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